poli sci 1

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 While watching TV, you stop on a talk show in which the host says the following:“We the Peoplehave nothing to fear from our federal government. The federal government is limited to only its enumerated powers, and it can’t go beyond those powers. We have civil liberties that the government perfectly respects without exception. The federal government has always protected our civil rights. Finally, every one of us always goes out to vote to exert our control over the federal government.”Is this talk show host right?Using your knowledge of political science, write an essay to counter the talk show host’s statements. In your essay, you must explain… a)Oneexample in the U.S. Constitution that allows the federal government to expand its power beyond the enumerated powersb)Oneexample of a civil liberty that has an exception/loopholec)Oneexample in history when the government (federal and/or state) violated our civil rightsd)Oneexample about the voter turnout problem in the U.S.The most important thing is to really, really explain your thinking. The more evidence from class (like specific class concepts, examples, discussions, videos, etc.) that you can include to support your argument, the better you will do on the essay. You must address all parts (a, b, c, and d) in your essay 

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