Policymaking and HQIS Questions

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1 = One example is illustrated in the attached article. Use the article as a starting point to comment on the process. While it is a few years old, it brings to light a very important point. Do you feel this is a critical part of policymaking? Why or why not? Can you find any other cases to illustrate the role of courts in the policymaking process?

Module 4 Article Courts in Policymaking(1).pdf

2 = The attached article details a broad discussion of a health information system. Provide a summary and commentary on the aspects of the article that deal with identity management. This article was published in 2006. Has there been any significant changes in this area since this time? Is the information provided of a nature that is applicable today?

Also, attached is the NIST Guide to Computer Security Log Management. This is a great tool for understanding audit logs. What security measures do you think should be taken to prevent the unauthorized access or use of audit logs?

3 = Here’s the scenario: You are sitting in your office working away on the latest and greatest project due soon. In walks your CEO. She thanks you for the excellent work (of course) you have done to help choose a vendor for the new EHR system. She then asks you to give advice on the management of the identities of personnel that will be using the new system. She wants to get it right before the system is even installed. What would you recommend? Where would you find your information?


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