• Part I: Summarize the article and provide a link to it so your classmates can read it for their response posts.

Part II: Discuss the article in light of your research on your particular population for end of life care for terminal patients for implications of the Affordable Health Care Act for end of life care for terminal patients. You need to evaluate the value of the pop press article in light of what we know in the Social Sciences.  Does the research you have read for Part III jive with the pop press article? If so, in what ways?  Alternatively, where does the article you read diverge from your research?  Your ability to critically think about the issues present in your population must be evident in your post. APA citations to your research articles from Part II of your AFP are a MUST

Part III: Explain the different types of information you learned from your empirical/scholarly research and from this pop-press/non empirical news story. Do both types of articles have utility? Why or why not?

When writing your posts, it is very important that you focus not just on summary but also on analysis. These posts are how I determine your mastery of the material and your critical thinking. Remember:

  • Your first paragraph needs to be an introduction to your post.
  • Your final paragraph should be a conclusion that pulls your ideas
  • Your middle paragraphs should discuss your arguments.

All posts need to be written in APA style and cite resources.