Positioning Statement and Branding Strategy

Below is my Assignment to doAssignment 15 pages APA format double spacing with minimum 3 academic references, this assignment is part of Marketing Plan(below is reference)Pricing Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Conclusion- 5 lines APA
Assignment 2Need 5 slides PPT and minimum 50 words description for each slide total 250 wordsNo plagiarism for both assignments and need in text citations. Below is team project paper reference.Key Components of a Marketing Plan•Executive Summary•Introduction of Product/Service•Missions and Goals•Environmental Analysis & SWOT•Target Market•Positioning Statement and Branding Strategy•Pricing Strategy•Distribution Strategy•Promotional Strategy Just for reference- below is team assignment and last part is my share Service/ product Brewery serving 5-6 in-house craft beers – can specify beer type based on strengths we want to use
Beer sold on premise and contracted to bars, restaurants and beer stores.
Location – city/countryRichmond – RVA targeting and branding
Missions and goals Made locally, shared globally
To create a community that grows and serves the local market/small businesses to provide craft beers made in sustainable manner.
Short term – do create a place where people can come and stay for a longer period of time – where pints of beer can be sold from the premise. Collaborate with local farmers to grow organic hop by providing resources and financial supports Collaborate with other food and beverage industries like restaurants, taprooms, event venues, caterers, etc. to sell our brews. (measurable goal – sell about 26,000 gallons of beer in the first year of business)
Long term – x number of locations in y number of years
Environmental Analysis & SWOT Environmental analysis – (dependent on location- city/country-side)
Target Market Locals -businesses and markets
People sensitive to environmentally-friendly products and ‘way of living’
Health-conscious people
Positioning Statement and Branding Strategy
Promotional Strategy