Prepare a written plan an Chipotle Mexican Grill Delivery business opportunity. READ ENITRE POST

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The New Business Opportunity (A Delivery Service using Man and Unman Cars as well as Drones to Deliver food for Chipotle)

Please Read attach link. Please follow rubric exactly Uses as headings (Tools, Techniques, and
Technologies, Lean Operations/Lean
Services, Sustainability, and Involvement)

In Module Four, you will prepare a written plan and identify the means of production you intend to use for the new business opportunity.
*Prompt: Building on the discussion in this module, consider the following:
 What tools/techniques were used in your design, such as quality function deployment, value stream mapping, and JIT? What technologies were used to
support your design, such as concurrent engineering, computer-aided design, or value analysis?
 Describe how you incorporated the concepts of lean operations and lean services in your design.
 Identify the considerations needed for the sustainability of your production line and what specific efforts can minimize waste; consider end-of-life
programs and the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). Consider the phases of product design in your paper.
 As it applies to your business opportunity, consider the legal, cultural, global, and human involvement needed in your design as outlined in Chapter 4.
*Note: It is not intended that you include the actual design of the product/service, but this paper needs to describe how you intend to create this design
considering the topics in Chapter 4 and incorporate lean operations into your design.
*Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


 Identify the tools, techniques, and technologies used in the design of your production plan.

 Explain how you will integrate lean operations and lean services in your production plan. Discuss your considerations for sustainability to eliminate waste in each phase of your production plan.
 Discuss the legal, cultural, global, and human involvement needed to implement your production plan.
Guidelines for Submission: This short paper should adhere to the following formatting requirements: It is submitted as a Word document, 1 to 2 pages (not
including title and reference pages), double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. All APA citations should reference the course
text and at least two additional resources.

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