Principles of Psychology

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Each question must have a minimum of one 250 words and 2 reference for each question.

1. Do you get enough sleep? Do you sleep well? Sleep is very important. What happens to your body when you do not sleep enough? What stage of sleep is most Important? What can you do to improve your sleep?

2. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1943) establishes a needs-based system for maintaining psychological health. What do you think would happen to society if everyone could get their needs met? How would this be accomplished? In your study, what would happen if the homeless and individuals with multiple disorders (including substance abuse) could get their needs met? How much does psycho-education play a part in these roles?

3. What type of parenting style do you believe is most effective and why? What type of parenting style do you believe contributes to the development of a psychological disorder? What did you find most interesting on parenting style? Do you believe parenting affects how children attach (being secure, insecure, avoidant, or disorganized) to their parents?

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