problem-solving, decision-making, and critical-thinking abilities.

Case studies are used to promote active learning and application of learned content. These case studies enhance problem-solving, decision-making, and critical-thinking abilities. These case studies will use community engagement strategies to demonstrate clinical critical analysis and thinking based on the course objectives.Due to the current social distancing measures, we have limited abilities to connect with community members. So, you we ask you to look around at persons you already have contact with. For example, any person in your household or someone you customarily and safety get together with. To preserve the person’s confidentiality, please don’t share their actual name and relationship to you.
This person will be your patient for the semester, and you will be acting as their nurse and will have three assignments to complete with them.•Assignment one—Assessment and Health Promotion Plan:
1.Perform a complete assessment on your chosen patient as per assessment guide.
2.Prepare a health promotion teaching plan for your chosen patient based on the assessment findings•
Assignment two—NOT NEEDED NOW!!!!! (this is just info that’s helpful to keep in mind, so you can make this 1st assignment the way, that will make the 2nd assn a bit easier to complete. But i’ll place another order for it later.) Concept Map for Chosen PatientoPerform an updated assessment on your chosen patient to see if there are any changes in health oPrepare a concept note for your chosen patient listing the main health issues (3-5) and suggested interventions for each health issue (3-5).
document 1 is assessment guide for the assgn.
all following documents are my assessments from the past, that you can use as a giude, or even copy parts of it with some modifications. I’d like my patient to be mostly healthy, 37 yo white male , not with tons of problem, but with some. A good idea would be – he has back pain and eye pain due to working from home and sitting in front of a computer all day with very limited physical activity. He might feel tired for the same reason. and teaching plan might address those issues. It’s not set in stone- just some ideas, and I’ll be very happy if you reach me out to discuss it.