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Case Study Project 2

Part 1. Case Study Project 2: Selection for Chapter 6


For your second case study, choose one of the three following cases and answer the associated questions below each overview. Details for each of the cases are in Chapter 6. It is essential to read each case before answering the questions!

Case 6-1 Puget Sound Energy’s Rock the Bulb Tour


Washington State’s oldest local energy utility, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), aimed to create a deeper relationship with its customers and become their most trusted energy efficiency resource. As a result, PSE and Colehour+Cohen developed PSE’s “Rock the Bulb” campaign, which included weekend bulb exchange events, a vast door-to-door CFL bulb distribution effort, and an energy-efficiency contest. PSE exceeded its bulb distribution goal by 28 percent – topping 511,500 CFL bulbs. Once installed, these bulbs saved more than 118.3 million kWh of electricity and 130 million lbs of greenhouse gas emissions, equal to taking more than 10,800 cars off the road.

Research (answer one)

· Discuss the value of determining the pros and cons of previous energy programs (CFL distribution.)

· What types of questions would be used on the customer survey to determine attitudes, beliefs, and current energy efficiency?

· What differences could exist in terms of energy use and geography?

Objectives (answer one)

· Discuss the value of each objective.

· How effective are contests to encourage energy conservation?

· Connect the “goals” and the campaign “objectives” to show the importance of each element.

Programming (answer one)

· Discuss the value of the Rock the Bulb Tour and 32 events.

· What else could be included in the “Be an Energy Star Contest?

· Discuss the usefulness of a “publicity website” for a campaign.

· Discuss the social media “Golden Bulb” promotion.

· Discuss the sequence of news advisories and news releases that started and provided updates on the campaign.

· What was the value of using Boys and Girls Club members at the ENERGY STAR Exhibit House?

Evaluation (answer one)

· Discuss each objective and the evaluation measures used by the campaign.

· For a local campaign, how could the effort yield 4.8 million media impressions?

· Discuss the importance of the post-campaign customer survey.


Case 6-2 The New UTC: Building Community Support for a $1 Billion Shopping Expansion and Revitalization


Southwest Strategies (SWS) was hired by Westfield Corporation to develop a community relations program to advocate the public and develop build support for the company’s proposed $1 billion expansion and renovation of its UTC shopping center in San Diego. To proceed, Westfield needed to secure a vote of approval from the San Diego City Council. The project, dubbed The New UTC, would add three new department stores, 150 specialty shops, up to eight new restaurants, two food courts, a new 14 screen movie theater, a $22 million transit center, 10 acres of solar power on parking garages and 250 housing units to the existing site. The New UTC would be one of the largest privately financed development projects in the history of San Diego.

Research (answer one)

· Discuss the elements in the “comprehensive research program” to better identify potential messages.

· Who should have been included in the focus groups for the campaign?

· Discuss the value of the parent survey concerning the playground.


· How could the objectives be better framed?

Programming (answer one)

· How would you structure the presentations for the community (50 conducted)?

· Discuss the importance of strategic partnerships and how they can be developed.

· How did the community relations and media relations campaigns support each other?

Evaluation (answer one)

· Notice that results centered around the vote by the city council.

· Discuss the role of each of the campaign elements in the effectiveness of the campaign.

Case 6-3 Spike & Biscuit Rebrand for the Charleston Animal Society


The non-profit John Ancrum Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JASPCA) struggled with an overcrowded facility, virtually no name recognition, and a poor community profile. Rawle Murdy helped the JASPCA redefine its image and raise community awareness of its mission and new location. The campaign rebranded the organization, increased visitation, boosted adoptions, and educated area residents on issues like spaying/neutering by building buzz through a fun, interactive presidential election between a dog and cat. The campaign successfully repositioned the Charleston Animal Society as a positive force in the community culminating in a record number of adoptions in 2008.

Research (answer one)

· Discuss the range of research conducted through primary research of 100 people, on-the-street interviews, and speaking with vets and store owners.

· Discuss the use of secondary research for the campaign.

· Discuss the value of research in name change/branding campaigns.

Objectives (answer one)

· Was the list of potential audiences appropriate?

· Connect each of the public relations objectives with the over-arching business goals.

· Make a list of key pet-related businesses that should be included for potential partnerships.

Programming (answer one)

· Design a social media / digital media campaign to supplement the Charleston Animal Society campaign.

· Discuss the fun way a campaign could be designed around Spike the dog and Biscuit the cat.

· Look at the YouTube videos used during the campaign and rate their effectiveness.

· How did opening a new center for animals contribute to the rebranding efforts?

· Discuss the visual branding used during the event.

Evaluation (answer one)

· Analyze the use of animal adoptions as a benchmark for success.

· Discuss the volume of media hits for the campaign. (Look at both print and broadcast and which would have contributed the most to the campaign success.)

· Discuss the level of social media penetration for the campaign.


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