PROJ587 Week 3 Quiz (September 2019)

PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management

Week 3 Quiz

Question 1 (CO A) You work for Holt consulting company, which has been asked to recommend organizational improvements for CDC Software Company. You have been assigned to present PPM. Your boss has informed you that CDC Software Company knows nothing about PPM and you will need to cover the items below in your presentation.

What is a PPM?

Compare PPM, PgM, and Project level.

Benefits of each (PPM, PgM, and Project)

Why should CDC Software Company implement a PPM?

Question 2 (CO B) The portfolio strategic plan is used to meet the organizational strategies and objectives. List five of the key contents required for the strategic plan and explain the responsibilities of the portfolio manager in accomplishing these plans.

Question 3 (CO C) You are DeVry’s PM of a project to develop an Android Bluetooth application. The applications have 4 key features, turning on/off, querying, searching, and pairing. A budget of $180 per feature and a schedule of 1 feature per day. The project should be finished in 4 days for a total of $800.

Now, after Day 3, our progress is as follows:

Day1 Progress: Turning On/Off feature completed, spent $200.

Day2 Progress: Querying started, did not finished, spent $220.

Day3 Progress: Querying finished. 50% of the Searching completed and spent $140.

Calculate the PV, EV, AC, CPI, and SPI.

Question 4 (CO C) As a project manager, you are constantly concerned with keeping the project on schedule and in budget. Four formulas used to measure project schedule and budget are CPI, SPI, CV, and SV. Define each formula, explain how it measures schedule or budget, and what the results mean to the project manager.