PROJ587 Week 6 Discussion (dq1+dq2) (September 2019)

PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management

Week 6 Discussion


Review the PMP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct located in the Files section. Let’s start with addressing the two scenarios below.

While working on an external project, your customer asks you to perform some additional tasks that are not included in the formal contract. What should you do?

You are managing an internal R & D project. The initial test results are very poor. You are afraid your management might cancel the project, and this could reflect poorly upon you. Verification testing could be done quickly and inexpensively. What should you do?

Pick a question to answer or comment on your classmates’ comments. These questions generate a great deal of discussion in the classroom. I’ll be interested to see how we do here!


Chapter 7 of our PMI Standard Portfolio text looks at the communication management knowledge area and the processes to develop the plans required to align the company with the strategic, governance, performance, and risk management processes.

What are the components required to complete a communications plan? How do you go about identifying the stakeholders for communications? Why is it important to align these processes with other portfolio processes?