project 2

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For the 2nd project, you will practice Imagery/Visualization. Read this article on imagery/visualization training.

(Links to an external site.)

If you’d like to read about using imagery in situations that are not limited to sports, click here Imagery in Everyday Life Links to an external site. 

After reading the article, determine the imagery goals you want to set. Then aside 10 minutes for 3-4 times each week for two weeks to practice the visualization. You will need to keep a journal of your sessions where you record the main points of the session: what did you visualize, what were your thoughts and feelings, and what problems came up? At the end of the two weeks, write up in 1-2 pages what your goals were, what the challenges of the visualization program were, and how you think it helped you. Be sure to include how you think it would help someone you would be working with such as an athlete or someone in another area and what challenges they may encounter. 

Format for Reports

All written projects must follow APA format. Documents should have 1-inch margins and be double-spaced. They should have a title page, but an abstract is not necessary. All mini projects should have the following sections: Introduction, methodology, results, and discussion/conclusions. The purpose of the project should be included in the introduction. What is the project you are doing? Why are you completing this project? What do you hope to learn about yourself? The methodology describes exactly what you did so that someone else could replicate your project using your description. For this project, you will explain your process of visualization. Where were you? What did you visualize? How long did you visualize the image? What did you use to help you focus? The results section contains your analysis of your data and a reporting on the results of your project. What were your thoughts and feelings? Did you notice any changes in your attitude or performance after the sessions? The discussion/conclusion contains what you learned from doing the project. What were the challenges to doing this project? What problems came up? Did you receive any benefits? How might others benefit from this exercise?

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