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For your individual, personal, professional social media presence project, you will create 4 pieces of presence for your personal professional self. This will be a curated presence to highlight who you are professionally. Your presence must include:

  1. A Facebook Page – Not a profile, a PAGE. Fully create your presence via a Facebook Page including content, imagery, etc. Be sure to include a minimum of 6 unique posts over time ( need help on the wording on the post, and page making)
  2. A Twitter Account – Your twitter profile page must be fully developed including content, imagery, etc (it can also be reposted by others). You are expected to post at least 15 tweets over time. 
  3. A LinkedIn Profile – Your fully developed LinkedIn profile must include all appropriate experience, education, skills, summaries, etc. as explained in class. While content publishing is not required, you can. Recommendations are optional as well. You must also connect with at least 3 other classmates & the professor.
  4. A 4th channel of your choosing as appropriate, fully developed with appropriate imagery & content.

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