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 Using at least 1 current (within the past 5 years), relevant, peer-reviewed resources, create a literature review that does the following:

  • Describes the project’s topic, resources reviewed, and conclusions of each article.
  • Summarizes the principal findings of the research and their relevance to the project’s proposed outcomes.

Attached is a copy of Part 1 of this project thaty has been submitted related to medication errors. Please review to follow the related topic for literature review. 


Medication Errors

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Medication Errors

Medication errors and missed medications refer to faults that occur in the process of dispensing medicines to patients in a healthcare setting. It comprises many mistakes, such as incorrect dosages during drug interactions like overdose or underdose (Shitu et al., 2020). It can also occur at any stage of the medication process. Therefore, the implications of these medications should be noticed early to improve the patient’s safety and support healthcare professionals’ well-being. There are several implications for patients.

One of the most critical implications of medication errors is the threat to patient safety. AA wrong medication or incorrect dose can worsen a patient’s health conditions and threaten their life. This endangers the key mission of drugs: to heal and protect patients; medication errors can also cause health outcomes for patients(Elliott et al.,.2021). For example, the missed dosage of a chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension can increase the risk of complications or hospitalization. Patients can also suffer emotionally and psychologically when they experience medication errors. The emotional consequences can cause lasting effects on their well-being as this can make the patient lose trust in the healthcare system, leading to anxiety, fear and reluctance to seek medication in future.

Nurses are also affected when these medication errors occur. They experience heavy emotional burdens, feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety.( Melnyk et al,.2021)This can affect the mental health and job satisfaction of nurses. Medication errors can also lead to professional consequences for nurses. This can cause them to face disciplinary actions and damage their professional reputation. This can hinder their career advancements and job prospects.


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Critical care nurses’ physical and mental health, worksite wellness support, and medical errors. American Journal of Critical Care, 30(3), 176-184.

Shitu, Z., Aung, M. M. T., Tuan Kamauzaman, T. H., & Ab Rahman, A. F. (2020).
Prevalence and characteristics of medication errors at an emergency department of a teaching hospital in Malaysia. BMC Health Services Research, 20(1), 1-7.

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