Promoting Health With Informatics

Vila Health – Promoting Health With Informatics

Vila Health – Promoting Health With Informatics
Assignment Introduction
According to Young, Chaney, Shoai, Bonner, Cohen, Doebbeling, and Perrin (2006), chronic illnesses have become a major priority for health care systems. They are complex to manage, costly, and often result in significant disability for the patients. The science of chronic illness care is swiftly advancing, and there is collective pressure to improve the efficiency and quality of care for these disorders. Identifying and understanding the health of a population being served and the services that need to be provided is an essential part for the informatics professional. This assignment is designed to heighten your awareness of the rapid evolution in health informatics tools that can help improve chronic illness care.
Assignment Instructions
As part of the integration of Valley City Regional Hospital to Vila Health, the C-Suite wants to ensure that the preventive services being provided align with the needs of the population. Of major concern are the services being provided to the elderly population as the organization is in a rural setting with limited specialties within the area. As part of the informatics team, you are charged with assessing and analyzing demographic data for the serviced area in order to identify potential areas that can be improved and potentially identify new services. The required elements for this assignment are:
• Interview appropriate members of the health care team to gather initial information on the needs of the population and the services provided within Valley City Regional Hospital.
• Request from Vila Health data-analytics team a population health report specific to population served for Valley City Regional Hospital.
• Provide a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the population.
• Select one condition that requires an intervention and provide your rationale for its selection.
• Provide potential technology solutions that can address the limitation in specialty services for the targeted population, as well as improve the quality of care provided to diabetic patients.
• Discuss the rationale and interoperability considerations for the proposed technology solution.
• Explain how the technology solution will meet regulatory compliance for privacy and security.
Writing Requirements
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
• Length of paper: Your paper must be 5 pages long, excluding the cover page and references.
• Written communication: Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, and correctly format your paper and citations using current APA style. Paper should contain floating headers on each page
• Paper should include at least 5 peer reviewed references
• Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Carefully read the Vila Health – Promoting Health With Informatics Scoring Guide to ensure that you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.
Young, A., Chaney, E., Shoai, R., Bonner, L., Cohen, A., Doebbeling, B., & Perrin, R. (2007). Information technology to support improved care for chronic illness. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22(3), 425–430. Retrieved from