Proper Communication Channel Discussion

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Keeping open communication between staff and administration is a great way to monitor if the effects of change has taken place. Usually when change occurs, there are always two sides, negative and positive. Having proper communication with organization administration is important because it may influence the culture of change with employees (Bassalobre-Garcia, et al2015). With the organization displaying need and support for change, employee outlook may be viewed differently making them more apt for change. People may voice resistance to change, but in the same aspect, it may be turn out to be something positive for the project. It’s a method to relay negative impacts of a project through communication. Simultaneously, it brings up a cause that can hinder implementation of a process, providing opportunity to evaluate and adjust. Purpose of evaluation can be formative and summative (Dickerson, Green, & Blass 2014). With the voiced results from change, we can evaluate and intervene to correct areas so that the project is successful. Without evaluation and monitoring of communication, we aren’t aware of the imperfections of the master plan, leaving opportunities for failure. With communication, we can also relay the effects changes and provide staff with numerical feedback data on how they have improved care. Displaying effectiveness of change through graphs and charts on a unit will help build staff confidence and feel more valued with their work. In addition, by communicating results with stakeholders on success or failure of a project, we can address areas that may be lacking resources and support. This information can be used to build more initiatives for the cause in order to provide quality care and make necessary changes for project completion.

Bassalobre Garcia, A., Gomes Maziero, V., Rossi Rocha, F. L., Bernardes, A., & Silvia Gabriel, C. (2015). Influence of Organizational Culture on Participatory Management in Health Organizations. Revista De Pesquisa: Cuidado E Fundamental, 7(2), 2615-2627. doi:10.9789/2175-5361.2015.v7i2.2615-2627

Dickerson, C., Green, T., & Blass, E. (2014). Workforce Development and Effective Evaluation of Projects. British Journal Of Nursing, 23(12), 685-690. doi:10.12968/bjon.2014.23.12.685

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