Proposal submition

Every student is assigned a country to work on. While I ask you to work on a specific country, I leave the topic to you. The only condition is that the topic you choose should be still related to the political system in your assigned country. It could be an issue related to elections, party politics, the type of the political system, political economy,  political culture, political participation, the issue of democracy..etc. Just try to avoid topics related to foreign policies and or international relations. 

You need to submit a proposal first in order to qualify for the final submission. The proposal should include:

-A title.- Introduction (includes a research question and a research.statement/hypothesis. (600-750 words).-Outline-Annotated Bibliography (5 to 8 academic references, twoparagraphs each).(See Appendix 3 in the course syllabus for evaluation criteria). 

Formatting :

writing assignments will use: Century Font, 1.5 spacing, 1-inch 

margins, page numbers (lower right), APA citation style (no abstracts 

necessary unless otherwise instructed)