PS504 Experimental Designs

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Researchers in psychology often use experimental designs to learn about behavior and other topics in the field. Experiments offer important benefits, such as control over extraneous variables, allowing researchers to determine how experimental factors affect behavior. There is a variety of experimental designs, and this assignment will help you to understand their features and limitations. 

For this Assignment, you will write a 3–5 page paper on experimental research designs. Using the PG Library, you will also find and summarize a research article about a study employing an experimental design.

Be sure to address the following in your paper:

Part 1. Describe Experimental Designs

Describe major features and the role of error in between-subjects designs, including the following designs:

Single-factor randomized group designs

  • Randomized multi-group designs

Matched-group designs

  • Describe major features of and the role of error in within-subjects design.
  • Explain when it would be appropriate to use a within-subjects design.
  • Describe major features of and the role of error in single-subject designs.
  • Part 2. Summarize a Research Article Employing an Experimental Design
  • Using the PG Library, identify a research article in a peer-reviewed journal. Summarize the article, focusing on the design. Be sure to address the following:
  • Summarize the research topic and question.

Identify the specific experimental design the researchers applied.

Summarize the methodology, including participants, measures, and basic procedures.

Summarize the major findings of the study.

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