PSY 211 Baker College Photo Journal Suicide Sudden Death and Trauma Essay

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Part 1: Select or take pictures that illustrate suicide or sudden death, what causes suicide, coping with losing a loved one, as well as the prevention techniques for suicide and ways to cope with traumatic deaths. The pictures should be posted in the discussion.

Part 2: Write a reflection in APA formatting of approximately 250 words that include discussion of the following items, which will need to be uploaded and summitted:

  • Explain how these pictures relate to, or exemplify the SLOs.
    SLO 5a: Examine how to assist others with the challenges of coping with the suicide of a loved one.
    SLO 5: Discuss causes, interventions, prevention techniques, and coping with suicide.
  • Based on what you have learned related to the above SLOs, what have you learned about your own feelings, beliefs, and attitudes toward death and bereavement? How may this information help you understand death and dying as it is experienced by other people?

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