PSY 290 West Coast University Importance of Adult Reinforcement of Early Speech Essay

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Discussion Prompt:

Some experts emphasize the importance of adult reinforcement of early speech (nurture) and others suggest that language learning is innate and biologically wired (nature). Reflect on this week’s video, “Out of the Mouth of Babes.” Which language development theory does this video emphasize, and how can you tell? To support your answer, provide an example of one of the experiments and explain how it fits in to the learning theory process you identified.

I need a response for each peer discussion: 

Discussion 1:

A language is considered to be a mode of communication based on a system of symbols and can be spoken, written, or signed (Santrock, 2021). Due to the definition of language, I believe this week’s documentary, “Out of the Mouths of Babes,” emphasizes more than one developmental theory about how children learn to speak a new language. In accordance with the documentary, newborns appear to be born with the capability to mimic the rules of language that he/she is exposed to. The child begins to practice sound manipulation, and then change them until they are speaking a language that nearly matches that of the adults (Cook, 1980a). One must also consider environmental factors that influences a child’s language. The remarkable similarities in how children cultivate language around the world serve as solid proof that language has a biological basis, such as the Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area, at the specific regions of the brain, are predisposed to be used for language (Santrock, 2021).

The documentary indicated that a child’s language growth is reinforced by exposure to the language.  It is also supported by parental communication and the environment surrounding the child. As a result, according to the Interactionist View, all linguists and psychologists agree that biological capacity and relevant experience are necessary (Santrock, 2021b).


Cook, H. (1980). Out of the mouths of babes [Video file]. Filmmaker’s Library. Retrieved from Academic Video Online: Premium database.

Santrock, J. W. (2021). Life-Span development (18th ed.). McGraw Hill: New York.

Discussion 2: 

I have reviewed and watched the video. The type of language development that this video shows is how from an infant to an older child kids learn how to speak. For example, babies after three months old they temp to start trying to talk and they start to create their own words. As they start to grow for example as an 8-month-old they start to talk to themselves in their crib and play with their feet and even start getting out of the crib by themselves. They start to practice their own language by themselves. Along with that parents teach them words and objects. later on they put the words together until they start talking. It is a process for kids to learn how to talk and identified objects, but as long as a parent is helping and teaching them they learn throughout the years. By the age of six, they already interact with others and talk to other kids and play with them. As they get older they interact with more kids and adults, especially in school, were they learn more words and how to be more sociable.

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