PSY7713 WEEK 7

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Week 7

  • Decreasing Behavior

    Your client is engaging in elopement behavior, running away from supervision when in public—a huge safety risk. You must devise a strategy to decrease this behavior immediately. However, there are many variables to keep in mind. Should you use a DRA/extinction procedure? Should punishment be used? If so, what ethical concerns should you consider?

    This week you will explore ways to decrease behavior. You will discuss the use of extinction as a technique for decreasing behavior. As simple as extinction sounds, withholding reinforcement for previously reinforced behavior comes with side effects and can be quite complex to implement. As you are aware from the ethics course, reinforcement-based procedures are to be used first, particularly if they alone will produce the desired effect. However, punishment is also an option when necessary, as long as you consider all of the side effects and associated risks. You will explore those side effects as well as best practices for using techniques to decrease behavior.


    • What You Need To Know: Learn about procedures and principles of behavior associated with decreasing challenging behavior.
    • Interactive Learning Module: Complete the Extinction learning module.
    • Interactive Learning Module: Complete the Week 7 ABA Terminology Flashcards learning module.
    • Discussion: Discuss positive and negative punishment procedures.
    • Assignment: Attend the two-hour Instructor Contact Session.
    • Quiz: Complete the Week 7 Quiz.
  • Discussion Overview

    Share examples of positive and negative punishment procedures and discuss the ethical codes that should be taken into consideration.

  • Quiz Overview

    This quiz will assess your understanding of the topics covered in this week’s readings.

  • What You Need to Know

    Decreasing Behavior

    While teaching and increasing appropriate behaviors is an important element in applied behavior analysis, decreasing maladaptive or inappropriate behaviors may also be necessary. In this week’s readings, you will learn about procedures and principles of behavior associated with decreasing challenging behavior. The concepts of extinction and punishment (both positive and negative) will be examined, as well as several different behavior reduction procedures.

    • Miltenberger, R. G. (2016). Behavior modification: Principles and procedures (6th ed.). Cengage Learning.
      • Chapter 14, “Applying Extinction,” pages 273–295.
      • Chapter 17, “Using Punishment: Time-Out and Response Cost,” pages 353–371.
      • Chapter 18, “Positive Punishment Procedures and the Ethics of Punishment,” pages 373–390.

    Instructional Activities

    This week, you will participate in ICS, take a quiz, and complete formative multimedia activities. The BCBA/BCaBA Task List (5th ed.) elements that will be covered during these activities include:

    • G-15: Use extinction.
    • G-16: Use positive and negative punishment (for example, time-out, response cost, and overcorrection).
    • H-05: Plan for possible unwanted effects when using reinforcement, extinction, and punishment procedures.

    Capella Compassion Code

    You may be directed to reflect on a section of the Capella Compassion Code in your ICS this week. Please remember to add any notes you find useful as you dive further into this code.

  • Interactive Learning Module: Extinction

    In this activity, you will deepen your understanding of the use of extinction as an intervention.

    Note: Although you will not receive a grade for this activity, you must complete it to pass the course.

    Follow the practices in the ABA Media Best Practices [DOCX] guide to have the best possible experience with the media and to make sure you get credit for this activity.


  • Interactive Learning Module: ABA Terminology Flashcards – Week 7

    Each week, you are provided with resources to help you study and practice behavior analysis terminology. Mastering the terminology during your program will provide you with a solid foundation to develop examples of these terms and ultimately for practical application in the field.

    This media will help you master your knowledge of the terms used this week.

    Note: This media piece is included in your required instructional activities. Although you will not receive a grade for this activity, you must complete it to pass the course. You are required to answer each question correctly to receive credit for completing this activity.

    Follow the practices in the ABA Media Best Practices [DOCX] guide to have the best possible experience with the media and to make sure you get credit for this activity.


  • Assignment Instructions


    In this two-hour session, your instructor addresses specific topics related to ABA. Listen to the lecture, then respond to any ASR questions through polls, participate in small breakout groups, and engage in discussions with your peers and instructor in the chat area.

    ICSs are not graded, but you must attend and participate in seven of the 10 sessions to pass the course. Participation is defined as:

    • Attending ICS by phone or Zoom.
    • Actively providing spoken or written input during ICS.
    • Responding to the ASRs through polls in Zoom.
    • Being available if code words are given out by your instructor.

    It is strongly recommended that you view the recordings of any sessions that you miss to ensure that you receive any important information on assignments, discussion posts, and other assigned work provided.

    Note: If you require assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact to request accommodations.


  • Write Your Discussion Post

    Positive and Negative Punishment

    This week, you learned about techniques to decrease behaviors and ethical considerations that should be made before applying punishment.

    In your post:

    • Provide examples from your own experiences of both positive and negative punishment.
    • Discuss some potential side effects of using punishment procedures. Have you ever experienced these side effects?
    • Identify the ethical issues to be considered when using punishment procedures.

    Response Guidelines

    Read the posts of your peers and respond to one. Your responses should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. Which aspects of the post do you like or agree with? Are there areas that are unclear? Did the post spark questions that you would like to ask your peer? Be sure to keep your tone scholarly, respectful, and professional.


  • Quiz: Take the Quiz

    This quiz covers Week 7 elements from the BCBA/BCaBA Task List (5th ed.). This quiz will help you and your instructor assess your learning gains, mastery of the relevant learning objectives, and the following course competencies:

    • Competency 1: Recommend intervention goals based on client preferences, supporting environments, risks, constraints, and social validity.
    • Competency 2: Design research-based interventions for individual cases based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

    Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning the quiz:

    • You must complete and submit the quiz by Sunday 11:59 p.m. CST.
    • Do not start the quiz until you have completed all weekly study activities. The quiz must be completed without referring to reading materials, study aids such as flash cards, or notes. A dictionary is permitted to check spelling; a glossary is not permitted. Contact with other learners or any informant during a quiz is expressly prohibited.
    • There is no time limit for this quiz.
    • You may this take this quiz up to three times. Study content related to any incorrect answers before making the next quiz attempt. The average of your scores will be recorded as your grade.

    Click the linked activity title to access the quiz. If you have any issues with the quiz, contact your instructor.

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