PSY7860 WEEK 5

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Week 5

  • The Research Introduction

    The Research Introduction

    Tiana was excited to meet this mid-quarter mark. “Whew . . . now that we have a firm grasp on ethics, how do researchers get started? What comes first?” It’s important to understand how to introduce a study to your audience. Not only should the introduction be captivating, but the initial entre to the research should include as much information as possible so that readers can understand what they are about to learn.

    At this point in our course, we are moving towards the practical side of research, that is, learning the significant components of a research study that require specific interconnectedness. The research introduction, the purpose statement (Week 6), the research questions and hypotheses (Week 7) all connect to each other. These then, need to connect to the methodology of the study—either quantitative (Week 8) or qualitative (Week 9). Understanding these intersections is helpful for an ongoing development of research skills.

    Tiana thinks the second half of the quarter is going to be very interesting.


    • Discussion: Discuss the topic of how to introduce your reader to your research.
    • Quiz: Take the quiz.
    • What You Need to Know: Learn about the research introduction.
    • Plan: Prepare for your upcoming assignment.
  • Discussion Overview


    Each discussion in this course has a couple of questions that may ask you to apply your readings, use new skills, identify additional outside sources, reflect on how content applies to you, or give you an opportunity to talk about what interests you most. You may choose one to respond to each week or you could post your own content related to the concept for the week.

  • Quiz Overview


    Take the multiple-choice quiz to gauge your understanding of the material presented in Week 5.

  • What You Need to Know



    • Use your Creswell and Creswell text, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches, to read the following:
      • Chapter 5, “The Introduction,” pages 101–115.
    • Read this article:
    • The Course Study Guide [PDF] highlights content to focus on as you read and absorb the materials. You may also find some additional articles with direct relevance to your field in the guide.
  • Plan: Assignment Preparation


    In preparation for your Week 6 assignment, review the articles assigned for inclusion in the research matrix. The goal of this assignment is to grow your understanding of:

    • The purpose of the study.
    • The statement of the problem in the study.
    • The limitations of the study.
    • Ethical conduct in the study.
    • Future research possibilities tied to the study.

    Make sure to demonstrate current APA style and formatting.


    For help using Yellowdig, please see Using Yellowdig [PDF] or Grading in Yellowdig [PDF]. Or visit Yellowdig Forums, Capella’s Campus support page for Yellowdig, with links for technical support.​

    Begin practicing the use of APA style for citations and references. All information that is not your opinion or experience should have a citation to show the reader where the fact came from and then a reference at the end of the post.

    Discussion Question

    This week is all about introducing the reader to the research, which can be done utilizing well-establish frameworks. Please post something to the discussion board related to the content covered this week.

    Note: Do not create your post as a reply to the pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig’s Create option to create a new post. Label your post with the hashtag for the week (#Week5) so that others can sort posts by the week’s topic.

    Here are some ideas for your post to get you started:

    • Consider the deficiency model for writing research introductions. How would you use this model to address different audiences?
    • After completing the readings for this week, share which reading most interested you or you felt was most immediately relevant to your own professional or academic career.

    Response Guidelines

    As you respond to your classmates, share your experiences and anecdotal feedback regarding their posts. How have your personal experiences resonated with their ideas? What can you add to their ideas, building upon the connections you have made to the material so far? Consider exploring the features of Yellowdig, such as your ability to embed videos and pictures, create polls and videos, use hashtags, love or like a post, and so on.


  • Take the Quiz

    In this course, you have been introduced to new concepts related to the designing an introduction to a proposal. This multiple-choice quiz will gauge your understanding of the material presented in Week 5. The following competencies will be covered in this quiz:

    • Evaluate the characteristics, purposes, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of research methods.
    • Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with the expectations for members in the identified field of study.

    Please carefully read the following instructions before beginning the quiz:

    • You must complete and submit the quiz by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Central time.
    • You may take the quiz three times. Do not open and close the quiz to return to it later, as this will end the quiz session.
    • This quiz is not timed, but once you submit the quiz, you may not go back and change any of your responses.
    • Your score is automatically recorded in the instructor’s grade book upon completion of the quiz.
    • Your score and the correct answers will be accessible to you after you have completed the quiz and your score is recorded.
    • This quiz is worth 2% of your overall grade for the course. There are 5 questions each worth 20 points for a total of 100 points possible.

    Click the linked quiz title to access the quiz. If you have any issues with the quiz, contact your instructor.

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