PSYC 100 Canada College General Psychology Discussion

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Explain Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (cite/summarize our textbook) According to King (year)…

Describe a real-life experience that was stressful (mild or moderate or extreme) in 2-3 sentences.

Write down 2-3 real life automatic thoughts that would increase stress. List Feelings? Stress Level 1-10?

Write down 3-5 modified/revised thought patterns that would reduce your stress (anxiety/anger etc.). “There I go tripping out again” “I’m going to get through this….” 

  1. What themes/patterns of thought/beliefs about the world, yourself, others, the past/future/present do you have that need to be revised/changed?
  2. Write a paragraph how CBT could be personally beneficial.

Reply to 2 other students using academic terminology (not simple agreement/interest)

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