PSYCH 101 OU Violation of Social Norms Paper

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For this assignment, you need to violate a social norm in front of at least one other person (friend or stranger) who does not know why you are doing this.  You are free to tell them why you did this after the assignment is completed.  Please do not do anything illegal or dangerous.  Do not do anything that could cause hard feelings with someone you see on a regular basis.  This should just be something silly.  Examples would include wearing your shirt backwards, going to McDonald’s and ordering a Whopper, or wearing your football helmet to the grocery store.  This should be something relatively minor, but if they are done, would likely cause most people to wonder what was going on.  If you are someone who normally is a nonconformist, do something so that if anyone did it, it would likely be seen as a violation of a social norm and it would be advisable to do it in front of a stranger.  Please do something specifically for this assignment, rather than discussing a past behavior.

After you have completed your task, answer the following questions IN DETAIL with a 1-2 page paper:

  1. Describe what you did, including your preparation as well as the actual performance.
  2. Describe how you felt.  This should include your emotions before, during, and after your performance.
  3. Describe how other people reacted to you.  Please make sure that when you do this activity your intended audience is paying attention.

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