PSYCH 101 University of Ohio Where’s the Stress in Your Life Essay

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You may find it helpful to listen to the lecture and read the chapter on stress prior to responding to this post.

Chapter 14

In your post, please reflect on and answer the following questions in detail (sharing only what you are comfortable with:)

Describe in detail a recent stressful event and the coping techniques you used to try to deal with the stressor.

How effective was your attempt to cope with the stressor?

What did you learn from this experience?  How will it effect your response to future stressors?

REPLY:  after submitting the post, reply to at least two of your peers’ posts, with a minimum of 150 word each. Please include a detailed response to BOTH of the following questions in your replies:

Comment on how you can relate to what they are/were going through.

What did you learn about coping with stress from reading the post?

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