PSYCH 238 UW Do You Find the Utilitarian Argument Morally Convincing Why Questions

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Ethical considerations and ethical concerns play a large role in organizations and leaders are expected to make tough calls all the time. One of the most famous business ethics cases is the Ford Pinto case, which forms the basis of this participation exercise.  

A) independently read the Pinto case (attached)
B) watch the following video:

You will need to complete a set of notes for yourself regarding your thoughts about each of the questions listed below (approximately 1 page of bullet points): 

A. Briefly restate the key relevant facts in the Pinto case.

B. Outline the nature of the utilitarian justification that motivated Ford’s decision to not recall the Pinto

C. Do you find the utilitarian argument morally convincing, why, or why not?

D. In your group video, at least one student must present arguments for the utilitarian argument and a second student should present arguments against the utilitarian argument

E. Are there additional moral considerations that you think should have been considered in making this decision, if so, what?

F. What do you think about the moral character of the recall coordinator who made the decision to not recall the car?

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