PUBH7011 Health Systems & Structures Week 5

The New Zealand
Health Strategy
PUBH7011 Health Systems & Structures
Week 5
Topic objectives
From our studies this week,
you will be able to:
• Analyse the aim and intended
influence of the New Zealand Health
First…. Let’s recap…
 Minister of Health
 Ministry of Health
 District Health
First…. Let’s recap…
 Well
High self-reported health
Satisfaction with services
Speedy doctors appointments
Short waits in emergency depts
Above average life expectancy
First…. Let’s recap…
 Chronic disease
 Health-related
infections & antibiotic
 Ageing population
 Increasing health costs
First…. Let’s recap…
 Percentage of Maori
health professionals is
disproportionately low
First…. Let’s recap…
 Population-based
First…. Let’s recap…
 Cost weights