public communication

Final Major Assignment For your final major assignment you will analyze an artifact of public communication that is particularly meaningful to your life that relates to any of the areas we will cover in weeks five, six, seven. The important thing is that it is something about which you desire to have a deeper understanding. By public communication, we mean something that is available to a public or collective audience. This could be an audience of key stakeholders for a corporation, a religious congregation, a campaign rally, etc. You must have access to the artifact. For instance, if you want to analyze a campaign speech, you must have access to the speech. Of course your choice of artifact is very important. Accordingly, you must provide an argument as to why your choice is the best available option to satisfy your goals. For instance, if you want to focus on the issue of gun control in the current political debate, you wouldn’t want to choose a speech about health care. You will use the content from the textbook to perform your analysis. Make sure you focus on the parts of the book that directly address the type of argumentation you are analyzing. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU APPROPRIATELY CITE ALL IDEAS YOU USE FROM THE TEXTBOOK. I would expect a nice thorough analysis in which you developed interesting insights would take about 5 double-spaced pages. You MUST create your paper in Microsoft Word and submit it in this assignment link. You will be graded on the insights you develop as well as the quality of your writing.