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need help draft question professor notes


Hillary Houston

Clear and concise message.

The first thing is to ensure that the messages that are sent to the individuals within and without the company understand the message being intended. Whenever you talk to your customers, investors, employees, etc., you need to be clear. They won’t bother to learn more if the message is not simple and compelling. In turn, your product won’t be loved and shared by them if they don’t take the time to learn about it. In addition to this, customers will create their own version of your product if you don’t control the way they think about it (Hertzberg, 2013).

The information has to have not offensive content.

The message has to accommodate people of all races, colors and region without being offensive. Offensive messages turn the targeted audience off and the company will not lose customers only but also the investors and employees as well.

Proactive benefits

Concise and clear message: Customers and potential customers will form their opinions of your company or product at each touch point. In order for every touch point to deliver the same message, consistency is imperative (Nazhmidinova, 2012). Having a clearly defined brand message ensures that everyone is on the same page. This creates consistency in your customer experience by getting everyone on the same page and telling the same story.

Non-offensive content: the non-offensive content means that the people will not have mental block when they read the message. They will receive and welcome message. Whatever the message requires them to do they will do with no reservation.

Part ii

Channels and method

The methods of communication include the video conferencing and emails. With video conferencing as the second most effective method of communication, you can read your participants’ facial expressions while gaining more flexibility. From anywhere in the world, you can hold a video meeting with a large group, making information available more quickly while reducing travel time (Hertzberg, 2013). Sending an e-mail message is the best choice when you don’t want to waste your time scheduling. Using this mode of communication to send formal announcements is an effective way of conveying structured information, especially down the chain of command.

Example of an email

To: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]

Subject: salary adjustments s

Dear company employees

Following the meeting with the regional directors, it has been proven wise to increase the daily wages and salaries of all employees by 10% effective two months from now


CEO company

Because emails offer more security than outdated written methods, like letters and memos, they are the ideal substitute for outdated written communication methods. A sensitive document that shouldn’t be placed on someone’s desk should be sent so that it is not left on the desk. You can also hide the identity of anyone receiving your emails by using a blind carbon copy (Hertzberg, 2013). When you communicate with your team through your professional email address, you may be able to flag a message as urgent in order to indicate its importance. However, with 70% of co-workers being pleased with a response within four hours, don’t expect a response to come immediately.


Nazhmidinova, R. (2012). Trends in marketing communications: The shift from traditional advertising to innovative methods. Saarbru��cken: LAP Lambert Academic Pub.

Hertzberg, E. (2013). The rise of media: A discussion of communication methods. Lincoln, NE: Writers Club Press.

Overall Feedback

In our first milestone we identified global target audiences for NationaliTea’s global launch, as well as cultural considerations for addressing them. To build from that assignment, in this next milestone, you were asked to use your initial target audience analysis to identify appropriate media channels the company will use to communicate with global audiences, as well as establish global citizenship standards to guide external communications. There were two primary parts for this assignment:

1. Best practices looking at areas around defining the standards and principles as well as the proactive benefits.

2. Messaging focused around media channels and communication methods as well as the media message and rationale.

Thank you for submitting this week’s milestone. To begin, a simple observation is around the flow of the paper. Some of the key points were hit, however, there are many grammatical issues with the paper which made it difficult to follow in many places. Quality is definitely a large part of the grade, and I would recommend proofreading your paper before submitting.

When looking at the section for Best Practices: Defining Standards and Principles, you provided some general detail, however, there was little supporting detail in this section. Continuing to Proactive Benefits, you noted “Having a clearly defined brand message ensures that everyone is on the same page. This creates consistency in your customer experience by getting everyone on the same page and telling the same story.” Why is this important? Is it always guaranteed that everyone will be on the same page? What benefit does this bring? You also note that “Whatever the message requires them to do they will do with no reservation.” I am not sure this is true. What evidence can you provide to support this statement?

When we look at communication channels to our external audience, I am not sure Video Conferencing would work well. When we think about how to communicate to our potential customers about our new expansion, you cannot reach customers here. Email would be good, but you would need to build a list. What about social media, television, radio or other channels?

Finally, the email sample you gave was good for an internal message, but the assignment is looking at how we would reach our target audience for the business. The assignment called for:

· Media Message: Create the copy (written content) for an example media message per identified channel that can be sent to global audiences to announce the company’s expansion using global communication best practices. The example can be for a new or traditional media channel. If the message would require visual components (e.g., Instagram post, printed flyer, etc.), you may describe the types of visuals you would include following your example message.

I would recommend taking a look at this for the final week seven submission.


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