Read Chapter 22 and Chapter. 11 in The West Guide to find the answers.

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chapter 22 assignment

Use West Guide pages 385-393 and 399 (345-351 in old book) to guide you in answering the following questions.

1,What does the following in text citation mean if you see it in an essay? (35)

2,If you see the above citation in an essay, what can you expect to find on the essay’s Works Cited page?

3,A citation in MLA format goes at the end of the sentence in which the source was cited. Does it go before the end punctuation (usually a period) or after it?

4,What does the following citation mean? (Jones 136-39, 145)

5,What does this citation mean? (Taylor 54; Thomas 327)

6,What information do you cite in your in-text citation if there is no listed author?

7, List three of the citations in the sample Lolita essay and explain what each one means.


(Thomas 327)

This means that the source was written by someone with the last name of Thomas and that the quote or paraphrase came from page 327.

8, What does the abbreviation et al. mean?

9,What does the abbreviation “Ed.” mean?

10, True or False (Circle one): A Works Cited page should be alphabetized.

11, Which lines get indented in a Works Cited page?

12,What word must appear in the citation if it is from the internet?

13, What word must appear in the citation if it is from a print book?

Chapter 11 assignment

1. What is a thesis statement?

2. What are the 4 characteristics of an effective thesis statement?

3. True or False (circle): A good thesis statement always states an indisputable fact.

4. What is the difference between an idea and a point? Give an example.

5. Fix the following sentence to make it an effective thesis statement:

This essay is going to explain why Coffee Bean has dominated the brewed coffee industry.

Extra Credit question

how comfortable do you feel with
the concept of the thesis sentence? Is it something you have learned
before in high school or another college class? Sometimes professors use
different words for thesis, like “main claim” or “argument.”

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