Read Each Thread and Reply with your thought. The replies must be at least 150 words each. Each reply must incorporate at least one scholarly citation(s) in APA format. Any sources cited must have bee

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Read Each Thread and Reply with your thought. The replies must be at least 150 words each. Each reply must incorporate at least one scholarly citation(s) in APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the most current sources you can find which likely means the Internet. Make sure to cite all facts in text.

Thread 1

I chose a basic explanation of inductance, the video I chose goes through most of the information in our text on induction. The video covers as our text also covers the definition of inductance as the characteristic of an electrical circuit that opposes the starting, stopping, or a change in value of current (Kenney, 2013, P 3-12). The video covers the use of a coil as a magnet and the field it produces or lines of flux. This video also shows the voltage resisting current flow as a light bulb is used as the resistor in the circuit. The video also show the time constants in the circuit to show the maximum current reached in five time constant intervals in the formula T=time, L =inductance, and R= resistance (T=L/R).  The video will show the collapse of the magnetic field once the source voltage is removed by the switch and the effect of that load breaking voltage. This video will also describe the formula for inductance which is L =inductance , E is the voltage induced, I is the current of 1amp, and delta symbol is time in 1 second this formula is stated as L= 1 volt/1amp in 1second this will be the inductance measured in Henrys. This video is a pictorial example of what we are studding and should help with the study of inductance as we look at chapter three in our text. There are lots of great videos out there describing alternating generation which goes over inductance, magnetic lines of force, three phase generation and even newer concepts that are in electric motors such as the Tesla model 3 that cover most of the concepts in our text through a different view.

Video link for above discussion:

Thread 2

When attempting to understand a subject one may not be strong at, it can become challenging and other methods of teaching may need to be used. As I stated in the beginning of this course, electronics has always been a weak subject for me. Even though electronics is difficult for me to understand, I don’t let that stop me from doing further research outside of the class to better understand the subject. I was intrigued with the magnetism “left hand rule” and I proceeded to search for a video that could help me better digest the subject which is the video I am sharing with you. When addressing the subject of magnetism a few impressive facts are addressed. The first one is that while using the “left hand rule” method, the direction your thumb points when grabbing a conductor will be the direction of the current flow. The professor in the video proceeds to not only explain this in a simple manner but also mentions there is a “right hand rule” which does not apply to us in this course. It is good to know a little more than what we have been reading which is honestly one disadvantage of online learning. The professor in the video also proceeds to demonstrate what it would look like if we look directly into the wire. He used simple analogies like shooting an arrow with a bow and how to relate that to what we can see inside of the wire.

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