Recommendations for Treating a Patient with Dementia Discussion

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A new resident of the long-term care facility, Mrs. Henley, suffers from advanced dementia.  Her limitations are significant, but it is clear that she still enjoys sitting outside near the aviary.  She also still seems to enjoy her meals, although she sometimes needs prompting.  One afternoon, her daughter, who is also Mrs. Henley’s DPOA, visits and is outraged to see  one of the CNAs helping Mrs. Henley eat lunch.  A meeting with the Director of Nursing followed immediately where Mrs. Henley’s daughter insisted that her mother was quite clear about not wanting to be fed if she was unable to do it herself.  The nursing director explained that her mother rather enjoys her meals, but the daughter insisted that as the DPOA, she has a moral obligation to carry forward mother’s previously expressed wishes.  The nursing director reaches out to you, the chair of the ethics committee, for guidance.  What recommendations should you offer?-

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