Reducing Central Line Infections

Reducing Central Line Infections

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see highlighted yellow for instructions on the attached file. The topic is Central Line-Associated bloodstream infections- using a lean methodology to reduce on an inpatient unit

Examine the topics presented in “Healthy People 2020” and the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing. Select a health-promotion and disease-prevention issue of national significance that has particular resonance or appeal for you.
Review literature related to the issue you have selected and, specifically, the problem and target population you may choose to focus on as you move forward with program planning.
Review this week’s course text readings. What questions or concerns, if any, do you have about how to identify a problem and a target population for program planning and evaluation?
Note: For Assignment 1, you need to identify a health care–related problem and a target population to guide program planning as you move forward in the course. If you have not already done so, read the instructions for Assignment 1 (provided this week) as your work on this Discussion to guide your development of that assignment.

Write a 1 page a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

Share the national health-promotion and disease-prevention issue which will be CLABSI (Central line associated blood stream infection) you have selected. Describe the problem and target population (patients with central lines present on admission on a medical surgical unit in inpatient unit) you will most likely choose for Assignment 1, as you have considered it thus far.
Provide your evaluation of the impact of the problem on population health using citations from existing literature.
Pose any questions or concerns you have related to your problem and target population, your literature review, and/or other issues related to designing and evaluating programs. Ask your colleagues for support in addressing these questions or concerns.

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