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  • Academic level: College
  • Type: Other / Virtual log of assessment
  • Subject: Other / Research methods
  • Topic: Refer to uploads
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 1
  • Extra features:

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 *Objective Experience:
*Informational Response:
*Relational/ Subjective Response:
Please fill in per page according to the weekly goal that is already written.
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Goals for the week: This week, I want to be more actively involved in the activity’s planning for
“what happened in the world today.” in which teachers give students time to sit down and listen to
what they will be doing and what they can notice from the day’s activity. The best time to help
children acquire fundamental concepts, foster independence, teach manners, and generally
prepare them for preschool is when they are 2 years old.

Objective Experience: Most of the time, the company has already written out the curriculum, so
we don’t have to spend as much time explaining why the kids are doing the activity and what they
are learning from it. Finding information about the Egg Nebula activity, in which I imagined
creating light reflection with a flashlight and magnifying lens, was therefore more challenging. I
started by explaining to the kids what they would be doing: using spotlights and magnifying
glasses. Then I took both objects out and demonstrated how they could make a shape and a
reflection with just these two items. I believe they were more concerned with choosing the right
color flashlight than they were with trying to describe what they would be doing. However, as I
distributed the materials, the majority of them followed my lead, while others took independent
action, such as pointing the item in a new way and examining the reflection it produced.

Informational Response: Children’s fine-motor abilities and critical-thinking abilities have grown
to the point where they can begin using basic tools at this age. Typically, a magnifying glass has a
convex lens—one that protrudes outward—made of glass or plastic. When light strikes glass at an
angle, it is refracted towards the direction of the lens’s center. Refracting even more after leaving
the glass, these light rays eventually come together at some point.

Relational/ Subjective Response: Without a written description, it might be difficult to put together
a learning exercise since you need to look up specific skills that the kid is developing as they
work through the activity. It takes time and planning to do this and attempting to come up with
things every day without setting anything up the day or week before may be very stressful, in my
opinion. The kids found it amusing, but only for so long before they began to perceive the light
differently. Through the magnifying lens, in the shape it took and the reflection it produced.

Please use the goal and fill out the rest

Objective experience, informational response use an apa source that is scholarly, and relational/
subjective response

Goals for the week: This week, I will be preparing to check in with students’ academic progress before
they go on fall break.

*Objective Experience:

*Informational Response:

*Relational/ Subjective Response:

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