Reference Page

Application: Reference Page

An important part of the Capstone Project is gathering scholarly resources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites, and reputable books) related to your selected topic. Scholarly resources provide reliable information written by professional researchers or experts. Be sure to review a number of resources that incorporate a variety of views on your topic. For this assignment, you should plan to review 10 or more scholarly resources with the idea of selecting a minimum of six scholarly resources. For your Capstone Project you are required to select 8–10 resources. Creating a proper reference list of the scholarly resources you compile is a critical piece of the Capstone Project. The purpose of the reference list is to accurately cite and record the resources you gather so that they may be referenced at a later time. As a student at Walden University you are required to use proper American Psychological Association (APA) style to create your reference list. Take care to use precise formatting to complete the reference list.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review Chapter 6 in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to gain an understanding of appropriate formatting for a reference list.
  • Search the Internet, Walden Library, and other reliable resources to locate at least 10 viable resources for references and select six to use for a reference list for this assignment.
  • Think about how you will compose a preliminary reference list.

The assignment (1–2 pages):

  • Compose a preliminary reference list using appropriate APA formatting. Include at least six scholarly resources.