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  • Instructions
    As you  continue on your quest for academic success, it is important to share  your  knowledge with others. In fact, you have been asked to provide advice to   future  students on academic integrity.     Begin by determining instances in  which academic integrity has been violated. After doing   so, it is now time to  share your knowledge with others. You have been given  the  task of writing a  reflection paper to future students at a University in which you  will  share your advice  on academic integrity. Your reflection must cover the  topics  listed  below.

    • What did  you initially       know about academic  integrity before     viewing the  presentation?
    • Have you ever been       tempted to use a  contracted  website?
    • What factors should you       and  other students  examine before     embracing an “online tutoring” website?
    • How can a “homework       assistance” website  promote  academic     dishonesty?
    • What are some ways       students can  avoid academic  dishonesty?
    • What repercussions could        students face if they  violate University Academic Integrity Policy?
    •     What can you do in the       future to avoid  violations of academic      integrity?

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