REL 223 World Religions: East and West

REL 223 World Religions: East and West

Module 2 Discussion


In what ways might Vedantic Hinduism’s vision of Brahman and Non-duality help some of the world’s problems today (e.g., crime, conflicts and war, economic issues, environmental problems)?

Consider the ideas of karma and reincarnation. How do they compare with biblical and Judeo-Christian answers to the perennial questions of: “Why is there evil and suffering?” “Why does life seem unfair?” Which answers to these questions make the most sense to you and why?

“Atman is Brahman” and “That One, Thou Art”. What do you think of these Hindu answers to questions about the Self and God? Are they appealing to you or do they repulse you? Why? Do you see any truth in them? Why or why not?

“Only that yogi whose joy is inward, inward his peace, and his vision inward shall come to Brahman and know Nirvana” (Bhagavadg?t? 5:24). What do you think of this “turning inward” to find religious truth and liberation? How does it compare to how the religious tradition you are most familiar with seeks religious truth and salvation?