release of information.

Instructions: The reading this week discusses release of information. There are various release of information (ROI) companies that are available to health information management departments who wish to outsource their ROI function.
Please search online for release of information companies.
Compare the services of 3-4 ROI companies based on similar criteria; such as cost, turnaround time for release of records, etc.
Please prepare a report that compares and contrast the selected companies.
Are comparing the companies please then select the company that you would chose for further consideration and suggest to your HIM department.
The report should be 4 pages not including cover page and reference page. Be sure to cover each company in entirety, the criteria reviewed and which company you are recommending and why.
You must cite sources, APA formatting, 12pt times new roman, double space (don’t forget cover page and this does not count toward 2 pages, nor does citation page) This will be sent through Turn It In. More than 20% un-originality will be automatic zero; cite sources used, if they are not cited in APA correctly, it will be 5 points off automatically. If found to be plagiarized (over 30%) then you will get Zero for the whole assignment on first time and warning, second, it will be zero in the course and turned into the academic affairs committee, and third offense removed from the Health Information Management Program.
Number of Pages: 4 Pages
Academic Level: Undergraduate