Required preparation: drafting the outline of your research proposal

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Required preparation: Drafting the outline of your research proposal

Drafting your research proposal

This wizard allows you to document how you work on your project in a structured way. It will enable you to start drafting your ideas and refine your thoughts. 

Start by thinking your existing knowledge about the industry that you are interested in. Do you have a story to tell? It can be a personal experience or an article that you’ve read or a news that you’ve watched. 


In this section you should be able to cover:

· What problem/s arise as a result of this issue?

· Why does it happen?

· Where does it happen? 

· Who is impacted?

· How long has it been an issue? Will the issue become worse?

· What is happening in the external environment (past, present or future) that has, or will, affect your industry issue?

The external business environment consists of economic, political and legal, demographic, social, competitive, global, and technological sectors. Think about political instability, elections, bushfires, Covid-19, technological changes etc.


Who will/should read your research project? 


Use the empathy map you created. 


Research question? 


Research objectives? Think about what your research is trying to achieve. 


Why do you want to do this research? Why is it important to resolve the issue? (Significance of the Research)

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