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(28 points)
In the Pillsbury Canada case, Pillsbury has been targeting a fairly generic “30’s – 40’s
mom” segment. Growth is stagnant and Guillen is trying to develop a plan to grow
sales of refrigerated cookie dough in the Canadian market.

Do some research about the brand and answer the following questions:

1) (8 points) Identify the specific target that you recommend. The case
discusses usage segments. You can consider these or identify other segments
that you believe to be relevant. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of at least
three possible segments and why you recommend the specific target(s).
It should be clear why you are considering these possible targets, what the
pros and cons are for each, and why you make your specific target

2) (6 points) Identify the brand positioning, including the Point(s) of Difference
(POD) and Point(s) of Parity (POP) that you believe are most appropriate for
your recommended target, providing analysis of why these are appropriate
for the target.

3) (4 points) Recommend one or more
“SMART” communication objectives (google it) for the brand
given your recommended target and the details of the case. Write
out the specific, complete communication objective(s).

4) (2 points) Recommend either a TV, youtube, or print (i.e., magazine) ad and
discuss why you think that this is a good match with the specific
communication objectives and the target.

5) (8 points) Develop a communication brief to guide development of the
communication. Follow the template presented in class – see PPT slide 9
(note that your communication objective(s) should be included in the
communication brief). Please provide a separate communication document
(such as one that you could present to your agency).

Be sure that your plan is internally consistent. The links between the product,
target, POP, POD, communication objective(s) and brief should be clear.

Steps in Communications Strategy

S, T, P

Identify most important targets for communications

Identify what target customers need to know to be more favorably disposed toward our brand

Set objectives

Develop communication brief(s) for each different marketing campaign

Learning Agenda

Pillsbury – Figuring out how to use communications effectively

Understanding Integrated Marketing Communications


Pillsbury Chub

Scoop out with a spoon

Drop spoonful on baking sheet

Bake 12 – 15 minutes

“Kisses” Research (“creative testing”)

Brand Recognition



Usage and Attitude Study


Understand the differences between the Canadian and U.S. markets

ID differences that could be leveraged to increase growth in Canada



Explore, understand, uncover

Understand feelings toward different types of cookie baking

Similarities and differences between scratch and refrigerated

Gain insight into what is really driving moms’ cookie baking


Size of scratch baking is much larger in Canada than US (scratch dominant)

Kids are important

Pre-oven experience is different, and less positive

Post-oven experience is the same

Warm, fragrant cookies for close family moments where mom made a difference

Key benefits of refrigerated dough, relative to scratch, are about convenience, ease, ability to make anytime

Nonusers rate RCD lower on convenience than users and lapsed users do

Communication Brief

Problem to Solve

Target Audience


Specific Communication Objective(s)

Key Benefit (for target)

Reasons Why (target should believe)

Intended Reaction/Single Thought



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