Research the different ways that managers and leaders use communication to guide their organizations, communications homework help

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Research the different ways that managers and leaders use
communication to guide their organizations.

Feel free to use the
same organization you researched for the Unit VI Case Study. You are not
limited to this organization, but it may be easier to complete the assignment
since you have already researched the organization in Unit VI. You can use the
same sources for both assignments, if applicable.

Find an instance where the organizational
leader communicates directly with his or her employees, investors, or
customers. Analyze the message, the channel, and the potential for feedback. Do
you believe that it is effective? Do you believe that it is the same type of
message that a manager would send? Why, or why not?

Remember to focus on the communication
styles of both leaders and managers. Strive for an equal balance between the
two types of communication styles in your assignment.

Example: The Apple events that occur in
Cupertino whenever Apple unveils a new product or service are examples of the
type of communication you should be analyzing in this assignment. During the
events, CEO Tim Cook addresses an audience of employees, investors, and the
general public. Cook uses multiple channels to communicate with the audience,
including a live face-to-face discussion, live streaming of the discussion, and
a recorded video. For the assignment, you would view one of the events, analyze
Cook’s message and the effectiveness of the channels, and discuss the potential
for feedback. Analyze whether or not the message is an effective example of
leadership. Explain whether or not you believe a manager could, or should, use
the same types of channels to relay a message. Would it be effective?

Note: You do not need to use Apple for this
assignment. It is provided as an example only.

Use the standard five-paragraph format
(introduction/body/conclusion). Include at least two academic sources. APA
format should be used. The assignment should be a minimum of two pages in
length, not including the title and reference pages. Content, organization, and
grammar/mechanics will be evaluated.

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