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Wherever you live or work, stress is on the rise. All of us have experienced a certain amount of pressure in our daily lives and often the cause of this is out of our control. Some days than others these problems may seem easy but they may begin to build and leave you feeling stressed out. For many of us, the initial response to stress is to look for external fixes. Managing stress over the long-term requires cultivating your own resilience skills before seeking external solutions so that you can turn your stress and challenges into opportunities. “The three pillars of a resilient life are social support, self-care, and spirituality” ( also I believe having a sense of purpose are appropriate for resiliency.

After reading chapter four of Bulletproofing the Psyche, watching the TED talk and discussion of Dr. Thomas plus reviewing the two website pages this has made me more aware of mental fitness. It is crucial to our health that we are mentally fit for any challenge that come our way in life. As Dr. Thomas was speaking in her YouTube channel she discusses developing your mental capacity. She said as an “individual becomes resilience it is important to be a part of social cohesive and a group status” (Bulletproofing the Psyche) because a person cannot fight this along and it is important to surround yourself with appropriate support. Being able to step away from whatever is stressing us out is very important. Some steps individuals can become more resilience to stress is developing the right attitude, exercising, getting in touch with your spiritual side and lastly never give up on yourself. From the words of Dr. Thomas “when we grow our working memory capacity it grows our mental fitness” (TedTalks). By spending three minutes every day exercising our working memory capacity it helps stimulate our brain’s theta state.

There has been a great deal of progress with regards to understanding the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. It is becoming more displayed on social media, the news and in magazines that being aware and sensitive to mental health is very important and individuals should take action by seeking professional help if they are dealing with this. I believe the media is giving support and encouragement to the audience that needs this so it will benefit their lifestyle. With stronger internal resilience, we can then be proactive and intentional about how we use technology and other external tools to improve the quality of our lives. Remember a bulletproof mind is just as important as physical armor.


An individual’s stress level is important because it affects their well being. But it is different for everyone, due to some people being able to handle stress better than others. In Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas’ The Theory and Practice of Training for Resilience, she talks about teaching resiliency through mental training. She states, “Resilience can be trained and taught…” referring to the mental training for pre-stress exposure and to the military trauma survivors (Fletcher and Sarkar, 2013).

Dr. Kate Thomas used her social marketing platform in the form of a TED Talk. Making viewers and the audience that was present aware of the impacts stress can have on an individual. Then she discussed a mental training experiment involving chicks, and how they were placed under different amounts of stress. Since social media is the most common way for communication its s great way to connect with people and make them aware. And through the information given you are able to build a stable audience and supporters who will keep up with the healthy information you give out.communica

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