Revised Research Paper Memorandum

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The title for our research paper is Health care in the real world. Despite the fact that this

is a big topic of research and alot of scholars have already written about this issue in various

articles, we chose this as our topic in order to understand the underlying issues in the healthcare

industry and to answer the question, “How is money an effect in healthcare?”. We would like to

get to the root of the problem during our research and be able to discover methods or ways this

problem can be put to an end.

Background Information

Make sure to include and cite the relevant information pertaining to your discourse

community, the purpose of your study, and how existing research informed your interest in this

topic/question and the way you approached your research.

? state your intended audience and the purpose for your research (i.e., who would this

research benefit and why?),

This research can benefit so many people who’s working in the healthcare because i feel

like people don’t really talk about healthcare or give the nurses who are doing them best

for patient to get the good health they need. I am working in mayo clinic and when i tell

you that those nurses are not geting the benefit they need, what i want my audience to see

is that how they’re treating healthcare worker with low wages and how nurses are not

getting good health insurance for themselve or their family.

? define any relevant terms that readers would need to know in order to understand your

study or your discourse community,(Fadwa) the relevant terms is an important aspect of

any study or discourse community. It involves providing clear and concise explanations

of technical terms, jargon, and key concepts to help readers or listeners understand the

Running head: TITLE 4

language and concepts used within a particular field. Using examples and analogies can

be effective in illustrating the meaning of terms and concepts, and it’s important to be

both clear and concise in your definitions. Overall, providing clear and accessible

definitions is essential for ensuring that your audience understands.

? explain your personal connection to the discourse community and research topic, and/or

(Melissa). I specifically work in a healthcare setting and have now for almost 2 years.

This alone personally ties me to our discourse community and the topic we are

researching. Our question is, in what ways does money negatively affect healthcare. The

question alone I can write quite a bit on just based on my knowledge of what I’ve

experienced and learned from families and my own experiences. It’s more about the

depth of our research that I can personally write about. I’ve been through the

understaffing issue, Covid-19 struggles, low pay rate, and more. All of these have been a

reason for being overworked and this is a worldwide issue.

Throughout your paper, use section headers (as I do in this document) to clearly identify

each of the required sections of your Case Study paper. You can use the section titles I provided

or you could come up with section titles that more closely represent your research. You are free

to further split your paper into subsections too, if you want. Here’s the APA info on how to

format different levels of headings:

Methods (will be done Monday by midnight)

In the Methods section you need to tell your readers, as clearly and as specifically as

possible, what exactly you did to conduct your primary research. Try to explain step-by-step and

Running head: TITLE 5

as if the person reading it would have to follow your steps exactly in order to conduct their own

study. Make sure to describe how you conducted your primary research—so how you gathered

your data—and also how you analyzed the data you got. Also include your rationale for why you

conducted the study as you did (i.e., why you chose those methods). It’s totally OK, and good

even, to share your limitations here too. You could say what you would have done differently if

you’d had more time or different circumstances, if you want to. (If you don’t share limitations

here, you should in your Discussion section.) You should also reference the Appendix here,

which is where you’ll include your primary research instrument(s). Aim for 1–2 paragraphs for

this section.

Results (will work on Monday)

Following the Methods section, you need to tell your readers what happened when you

conducted your study. This is where you discuss the findings of your research, which you came

to by analyzing the data you got from your primary research. Readers want to know things like

how many people responded to your survey or how many people you observed/interviewed and

what themes emerged as you analyzed the data. What findings/responses surprised you? Which

ones did you expect? Many researchers will share tables and/or charts in this section in order to

give readers a clear and organized description of their results. That’s not required of you, but

here’s the APA info on what that would look like just in case: Aim for 1–2 paragraphs for

this section.


Running head: TITLE 6

This is the fun part! Or, for your readers, this is the most interesting and important part of

your research. In the discussion section, tell your readers why your results matter. There are

several ways to do that, but my recommendations are:

1. Go back to your research question and explain how the results answer it.

2. Compare your results to the existing research. In other words, explain how your research

contributes to the existing academic conversation on your topic.

3. Explain how your results prompt more questions and/or the need for additional research.

4. Share any limitations to your research, including what you might have done differently in

retrospect and/or what you learned about research from conducting this study.

You should be citing secondary research in this section. Aim for 3–5 paragraphs, or about 1.5–2

pages, for this section. Usually the Discussion section concludes an academic paper; however

you are welcome to write a separate conclusion in a new section if you want to.


List the full APA citation for each of your secondary sources, including the three (3)

required scholarly sources from the library. Each citation should have a hanging

indent (demonstrated here) and should be double-checked for correct APA style.

Make sure your sources are listed in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name.

Here’s the APA info on References pages:

Appendix: Title of Appendix

In your Appendix, attach the primary research instrument(s) you used to conduct your research.

This could include: the survey you sent out; the interview questions you asked; the notes you

took for an observation; or whatever other tools you used to conduct your research. For surveys

Running head: TITLE 7

and interviews you do not need to include people’s responses—just the questions you asked. You

don’t need to write anything to set up your appendix beyond a title describing what it is. (Think

of an Appendix like an email attachment. You’d probably write something in the Methods

section that says something like, “the full survey is included in this paper’s Appendix.” Then at

the end of your paper, you include a section titled Appendix: Survey, and paste the survey link

under that title.)

Possible questions to research

Why do healthcare workers need higher wages?

When it comes to healthcare worker wages in the United States, I think they need to pay

healthcare workers good pay because nurses do all the work in the hospital and home

care, and when it comes to spending, they don’t get a healthy income. The reason why

healthcare worker needs to pay good about of wages is that when you look outside of

healthcare for a second and see how much Amazon pays their staff, it’s far better than

healthcare workers; why will people risk their lives for other people to get paid a

minimum amount of wages why placing like Target getting pay $17 0r 21 dollars per

hours. Do you know that healthcare apprenticeships also remain concentrated in many

lower-wage occupations? Nearly half (44%) of healthcare apprenticeships are the

minimum length of one year, and the average hourly wage upon completion is $17.86.

during the Covid-19 pandemic, many healthcare workers felt underpaid and undervalued

Running head: TITLE 8

because they risked their lives to work every day in the hospital and home care. Do you

know that most healthcare workers are not accessing benefits like health insurance and

have limited career advancement options? The healthcare worker wages are so low that

nearly 20 percent of care workers live in poverty, and more than 40 percent rely on public

assistance. It’s so unfair that the government sees what those nurses and healthcare

workers face, but they don’t want to stop it. Healthcare and nurses deserve better wages

and health insurance because they do their better for us daily.’(’mcdermott, janie

Google search. Retrieved April 8, 2023)

? Why is the cost of care so high? The high cost of medical care in the United States

can be attributed to several factors, including administrative

costs, high drug prices, and free-for-service payment system. According to a report by

the Commonwealth Fund, “administrative costs accounted for 8% of total health

expenditures in the United States in 2019, compared with an average of 3% in the 10

other high-income countries studied” (Davis et al, 2020). Another factor is the high cost

of perscription drugs in the United States. According to a report by the house commitee

on Oversight and Reform, “U.S. prescription drug prices are, on average, 2.56 times

higher than those in 32 other countries” Cummings & Manlony, 2020). Finally, the

free-for-service payment system, in which healthcare providers are paid for each service

they provide, can incentivise overutilization of medical services and drive up costs

(Hussy, Ridgely, & Rosenthal, 2014). Alternative payment models, such as capitation or

Running head: TITLE 9

bundled payments, have been processed as ways to reduce costs and improve quality of

care. (Hussy et al. 2014).

? What are some of the factors that contribute to the shortages of staff in the healthcare

workforce? ( Fadwa) There are several factors to the worker shortage in the healthcare

workforce. According to Ouslander, Grabowski, and Kunzman (2020), these factors

include an aging population that requires most healthcare services, limited funding for

healthcare services, low job satisfaction, and burnout among healthcare professionals,

which is cursing many healthcare professionals for leaving the field or reducing their

hours. The aging population is a significant factor contributing to the healthcare

workforce shortage, as the demand for healthcare services typically increases with age

(Ouslander et al., 2020). Insufficient numbers of healthcare educational programs and

faculty can limit the supply of healthcare professionals entering the workforce (Ouslander

et al., 2020).

? What are the financial challenges in healthcare?

A common question asked in healthcare is “what are the financial challenges in healthcare?

Healthcare workers have been facing financial problems for a while now, they tend to work a lot

and get very little pay in return. The wages they receive are not enough for their daily needs,

therefore most of them tend to work more than one job to sustain themselves. Even though there

has been an increasing demand for healthcare workers, a lot of people get employed but receive

little pay.“Nationwide, the median wage of all health care support, direct care, and service

workers was $13.48 per hour in 2019, while home health and personal care workers earned a

median hourly wage of only $11.57.4 Despite working full-time or more, these workers rarely

live on their wages alone.”(Driver, 2022, AMA journal of ethics).

Running head: TITLE


? How did Covid-19 affect healthcare altogether? Covid made healthcare completely

different all around. It made normal health care specialists not be able to do their regular

screenings and perform simple tasks as before. When people were sick with other things

they didn’t wanna come in to get checked out as of the fact that they might get covid.

Elderly people stopped coming in also for the huge risk of covid (Wiley Periodicals LLC,


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