RMU Positron Emission Tomography Radiation Safety Manual

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The focus of this manual is to integrate reading and your own experiences and applications regarding PET radiation safety. You will conduct research on PET radiation safety and compile it into a radiation safety manual. This manual should be easy to understand by someone who were to walk into a facility and read it. This manual should include a cover, index and reference page. 

The manual should include but is not limited to: 

?Emergency numbers (who to call) 

?Administrative Policies:

oRadiation safety organization (who’s involved) 


oOverview of ALARA

oTraining requirements


oControl of radioactive material

oOrdering doses

oReceiving and opening packages

oTransferring packages

oStorage of materials (ie sources, doses..etc)




oLabels on containers

?Handling Radioactive Material:



oSpill procedure

oPersonal decontamination

oDocumentation of facilities and equipment 

?Personnel Monitoring:

oWho wears badges? 

oWhat kind? (how often are they changed) 

oDose limits 

?Lab Surveys:

oTypes of surveys done 

oInstruments used

oCalibration of meters                                               


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