Run On, Comma Splice, and Fragment Exercise

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Mark the following sentences with F (Fragment), R (Run-On), C.S. (Comma Splice), or OK (Does not

need fixing), then correct the faulty sentence structure.

1. Ingrid won $1,000 on a quiz show. Because she knew that shoelaces had not been invented until the


2. Flood waters ruined the carpet, many pieces of furniture were damaged beyond repair.

3. I didn’t expect to be late, however, I wasn’t counting on such a traffic tie-up.

4. John Steinbeck was a Nobel Prize-winning novelist. Who wrote about the difficult life of migrant farm

workers in California.

5. Two on trial for robbery.

6. The grocery store is on the left; the laundromat is on the right.

7. Because the grizzly bear population of the United States has shrunk to fewer than 800.

8. The students wanted to protest against lumber companies. In order to support environmental causes.

9. Women jockeys have had great success they work hard to achieve their goals.

10. Missionaries who arrived in 1870.

11. Although Morton is an Independent, he has earned the respect of both Democrats and Republicans.

12. The new tenants moved in they rented the entire third floor.

13. Although a grizzly bear weighs less than one pound at birth.

14. John, Mike, and Troy traveled by bus for three days. Finally arriving on Friday.

15. Our mayor dedicated a new courthouse yesterday, she said it was a historic occasion.

16. The team expected to win another championship this year, but it was plagued by injuries all season.

17. Grandmother Rosa is the last member of a Chilean Indian tribe. About to become extinct.

18. I was on my own.

19. Georgina worked on her novel. In a tiny cabin on the far corner of the property, beyond the picket


20. Once Stewart was a small mountain town of only a few dozen households, now it is a busy city of

sixty thousand people.

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