Rutgers the State University of New Jersey Study of Cognition Health & Medical Paper

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Students will write a professional, concise, evidenced-based paper, addressing the components listed below (5 pages maximum, not including cover page and references). Students are strongly encouraged to keep in mind quality versus quantity as it relates to length of paper. Proper grammar, spelling, and APA format is required. Please make sure to title page, headers, footers, in-text citations, and reference list).

1. Identification and description of primary neurological condition in the film. Students must use
appropriate neuroscience terminology and be able to correctly explain the condition from a
neuroscience background. Cite literature to support your description

2. Identify the character primarily affected by the neurological and cognitive condition (e.g. Susannah

in “Brain on Fire”) and describe him/her using an occupational profile format (American
Occupational Therapy Association, n.d.). What are the diagnostic tests utilized to diagnose? Based
on what you are told in the film and what you observe, what are the symptoms of the condition?
Are the diagnostic testing and/or symptoms congruent or incongruent with the real-life diagnosis?
Cite evidence to support your claims. * If there are no diagnostic tests observed in the film, what
diagnostic testing would be appropriate for this individual? Cite evidence to support your claim.

3. Using the OT Practice Framework, identify aspects of the individual’s domain that are impacted by
the neurological condition. Contemplate occupations, client factors, performance skills,
performance patterns, and contexts and environments (American Occupational Therapy Association,
2014) that are impacted by the individual that is living with the neurological condition. How is the
individual’s function affected by the condition?

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