San Diego State University Psycho 1960 Version Two Shots Analysis

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Hitchcock, A. (Director). (1960). Psycho [Film]. Shamley Productions.

I have provided a youtube video of the scene from the film that I would like you to sketch two shots from. Stick figures, labels, basic sketches, and arrows will be great 🙂

Please do not include an introduction or conclusion since this is going to be a part of a much larger paper.

Please answer the following based on the 1960 version of the film Psycho.

5. Analysis of two shots using appropriate notations. Choose shots from anywhere in the film;
they need not be consecutive. For this response you should draw the shots rather than use
stills from the film. Draw key features of composition such as placement of characters/objects
in planes of foreground, middle ground, and background; striking formal elements such as
extreme close up or depth of field; composition and balance in the frame; use of lighting, color,
off screen space, etc. Use multiple drawings if necessary.
Underneath each drawing list the following:
i. Indicate scene by place name and give a brief (one sentence) description of the action.
ii. Using abbreviations, indicate shot scale or distance (e.g. cu for close up) and angle of the shot
(e.g. ha for high angle) as well as other elements where appropriate such as camera movement
(e.g. trs for tracking shot, ps for pan shot, and use of arrow(s) to show direction); character
movement within the shot, point-of-view shots (pov), etc. (See Corrigan chapter 2 for
abbreviations and Bordwell and Thompson, for a useful list of terminologies.)
iii. In one long paragraph (1/3 page), identify the key formal element(s) illustrated by the shot
and discuss the significance of this formal element(s) for meaning in the film.

Please create simple sketches of two shots following the requirements listed. Also, to clarify what a film shot is:

“A film shot, or camera shot, is a continuous view through a single camera without interruption.”

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