It is H&S Law exercise from the H&S  management course,and this a case study
related to The UK Law.
You are required to produce a 3000 word (approx..) case study.
You are NOT required to provide an index, references, bibliography or appendices but you SHOULD provide a brief headed introduction and a summary headed conclusion.
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School Antics’


Note – this is a fictional scenario to enable you to demonstrate application of civil law principles and criminal regulations relevant to the module and the readings on blackboard. You are not required to know, or provide any detailed provisions of education law and policy beyond the scope of your studies.


Jane is a teacher of children with special needs. Jane’s employer is the Local Education Authority and due to cut backs in the authority’s budget, Jane’s class size has increased from 15 children to 18. Jane feels she can no longer cope and has informed the head teacher of this. The head teacher explains that although he accepts that 18 in a class is really too many, particularly as the children have special needs, there is nothing he can do. Jane is told that “everyone must soldier on as best they can, especially during a recession.  After all, we’re all under similar pressure!”    Jane tries hard to manage but eventually she suffers a nervous breakdown and is off work for three months.

Dave, is a caretaker at the school. He used to carry 15 heavy books each day from the storeroom to Jane’s classroom about 100 metres away from the store. On this occasion, however, Jane asks him for 18 copies of the book and in lifting them the extra weight has caused  him to suffer a back injury for which he has to take three weeks off work.