SCI 115 SU Week 7 Co Evolution of Rattlesnakes & Squirrels Discussion

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“High Altitude Adaptation, Co-evolution, and Rodenticides in Ludwigschafen”

Respond to one of the following topics.

Topic 1 :  High Altitude Adaptation. In the recorded interview (1)*, Emilia Huerta-Sanchez describes some research her team conducted. Watch the video, then address the following questions: 

(a) What data did they collect, who did they collect it from, and what were they looking for? 

(b) Which gene was implicated as a gene associated with high altitude adaptation, and what does it do? 

(c) Why do they think that the high incidence of this gene in populations who live at high altitudes is due to natural selection? 

Topic 2 [reading]: Co-evolution of rattlesnakes and squirrels. Read at least one of the following articles (2)* and/or (3)*, and then address the following questions:

(a) How do squirrels adapt to rattlesnake venom?

(b) How do rattlesnakes adapt to squirrel’s defenses against rattlesnake venom?

(c) What do the results of this research tell us about evolution?


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