SDSU Sickle Cell Anemia Info Graphic Bibliography

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Create an infographic, or story describing anthropological research to college students! An infographic features a visual (graphic) representing some information, clearly, in a very succinct way. Or the definition is “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. — a good infographic is worth a thousand words.”

Please use one of the following areas of biological anthropology (BUT PICK A SMALL TOPIC WITHIN THE ONE YOU CHOOSE):

1. evolution (EXAMPLES: gene flow, genetic drift, mutation, mendelian genetics, OR ABO blood group, etc.)

2. natural or sexual selection (an example of one or each to make your point about what it is)

3. fossil hominins (EXAMPLES: any or more than one, but one is probably enough–what is it? why is it interesting? why is it important?)

4. modern human biology (Example: sickle cell anemia, race, altitude adaptations, etc.)

Student Guidelines for the Outreach Assignment–

Please note that this project does not have a specific rubric because I want you to be creative and use your own judgement and independence with this assignment—and you are all likely doing different topics. However, I have provided a rubric that explains points for each aspect of the infographic and there is a table with what we will be looking for when we review and grade your project. You can also find links to examples from previous students below.

I have also provided, a list of guiding questions for you to think about as you work on your project.

Things to consider:

1. Who is your audience? College students with science backgrounds? A college students with no science background? College students in an anthropology club? etc. Please identify your audience. You can do this on your sources sheet (see below).

2. If you can, have someone–a friend who is not in the class–look over a draft or listen to your idea.

3. Really think about the audience and tailor your words, jargon, and pictures to them.

4. Are technical terms appropriate to use for your intended audience?

5. Think about your images—do they relate something more than words?

5. What do you think is the interesting information and why? Why might others find it interesting?

6. What do you want others to learn about this topic (what’s the big takeaway)?

Things to do:

The information needs to be accurate and well sourced. This means you need to do extra research on the topic. Starting with Google—and using Google Scholar will be helpful. You need to include your sources (references, citations) in a separate Word document. You should consider 3-5 sources.

Example of journal article reference (how you should cite a reference that you use):

Reed, K.E., 1997. Early hominid evolution and ecological change through the African Plio-Pleistocene. Journal of human evolution, 32(2-3), pp.289-322.

Example of book chapter reference (how you should cite a reference that you use):

Behrensmeyer, A.K. and Reed, K.E., 2013. Reconstructing the habitats of Australopithecus: Paleoenvironments, site taphonomy, and faunas. In The paleobiology of Australopithecus (pp. 41-60). Springer, Dordrecht.

Example of web site (how you should cite a reference that you use):… (Links to an external site.)

Example of a sources/citation word, pages, or pdf document can be found here.


Length of Project

Your infographic should be large or small format one sheet (see examples below).

Turning in your Infographic:

You can use a website such as Piktochart and then put the link into the text box ( (Links to an external site.))


You can upload a pdf.

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