September 11th 2019 Eric Clapton Concert Report

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All concert reports must take place between by the assigned time/date. You need to attend concerts during THIS semester. All concert reports must be submitted within two weeks of the concert date.

The title and information of the concert report must be in this format: Last, First, Concert Report #___Example: Peppo, Bret Concert Report #1

  • There is no set length for the concert report, but I would suggest about two, typed pages, double, spaced.
  • At least one concert must be “classical” music.
  • If you have any questions about appropriate concerts, please ask the instructor.
  • It would be great if one of the concerts was a DVC Music department sponsored event.
  • You must attend the entire concert.

There will be a three point reduction for any late submissions unless you have permission of the instructor. The other concert report is due by the day of the final exam. I hope you enjoy the concerts.

What to do before the concert?

  • Attending Concerts
    1. Choosing concerts
      1. consult websites
      2. on-campus music department concerts
      3. local and college newspapers
    2. Prepare in advance
      1. read about works to be performed
        1. textbook, StudySpace, Internet
      2. concert attire: formality varies
      3. arrive early: tickets, seats
      4. read concert program
  • The Concert Program
    1. Sample program
      1. overture, symphony, intermission, concerto
      2. program notes: notes on pieces, biographical performer sketches
  • During the Performance
    1. Concert etiquette
      1. don’t make noise
      2. follow program
      3. applause: after complete works
      4. performers: concert dress
    2. Encore: additional piece

you need to write 2 CONCERT.

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